Recharging Your Body's Batteries

Now that superfoods are all the rage, there's an awful lot of marketing noise out there promising you endless stores of energy provided you buy this product or that one. We've marshaled our resources and our experience to cut through the hype and offer you seven can't miss options that deliver genuine, all-day energy-boosting power.

Getting a power boost is easy with these energy-packed foods. You can stay in high gear and accomplish more every day when you're giving your body the fuel it really needs. Go beyond stimulants like caffeine with these genuinely nutritious choices.

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Marianne Williams

Marianne Williams is a resident of Miami, Texas and is a proud wife and mother of two young, talented musicians. Her weight loss journey began a few years ago as a result of much-needed lifestyle changes, all of which have stuck. Now, her whole family has followed suit. Some of Marianne's interests include sledding, ancient Greece, and romance novels.