Oats are packed with a whole range of B vitamins, and these nutrients are essential for cutting stress and boosting energy levels by metabolizing carbohydrates. The copious amounts of fiber in oats help to keep their glycemic index down, too. The upshot is that oatmeal delivers reliable, long-lasting energy throughout your day instead of a short-term spike that brings a nasty crash along with it.

Make sure that you choose oatmeal products that are packed with whole grains and deliver high fiber content. You'll get better results and better stores of energy by using natural, old-fashioned varieties of oatmeal rather than the instant stuff. Get creative with your own choice of sweeteners.

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Marianne Williams

Marianne Williams, a resident of Miami, Texas, is a wife and mother of two musicians. Her weight loss journey began due to the much-needed lifestyle changes. Her family has followed suit. Her interests are sledding, ancient Greece, and romance novels.