Keeping Your Skeletal System Strong

Going on a restrictive diet is often a vital part of losing weight, but this kind of diet also carries the risk of robbing our bodies of vitally important nutrients and vitamins. On an extreme diet, you might suffer a loss of bone mass if you don't take steps to ensure that you're eating a nutritionally complete diet and getting enough exercise to avoid osteoporosis.

Weight loss is a terrific positive change, and you have plenty of avenues to pursue: eating healthier foods, curtailing your alcohol consumption, exercising regularly, and so on. You don't want to accidentally weaken yourself in the process by neglecting the nutrients your skeletal system needs! These tips will help you keep your bones strong while you drop to a healthy weight.

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Marianne Williams

Marianne Williams is a resident of Miami, Texas and is a proud wife and mother of two young, talented musicians. Her weight loss journey began a few years ago as a result of much-needed lifestyle changes, all of which have stuck. Now, her whole family has followed suit. Some of Marianne's interests include sledding, ancient Greece, and romance novels.