1Drink More Water, Avoid Temptation

Ask yourself this, "Am I really hungry? Or, Am I eating out of emotion?". Often, you're not really hungry, just bored or not sure of what activity to do next. Instead of snacking when this happens, try drinking a glass of water first and see if that doesn't make a difference.

Drink plenty of water every day. Water is vital to your body both inside and out and it can help fill you up. It also helps you to recognize that sometimes thirst masks itself as hunger, so stay hydrated.

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Marianne Williams

Marianne Williams is a resident of Miami, Texas and is a proud wife and mother of two young, talented musicians. Her weight loss journey began a few years ago as a result of much-needed lifestyle changes, all of which have stuck. Now, her whole family has followed suit. Some of Marianne's interests include sledding, ancient Greece, and romance novels.